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Everyone is a 'me'

Speciality coffee roasters, proudly serving, training and supporting our trade PARTNERS SINCE 2013

Situated in Writtle, Essex, we supply and train the hospitality trade in the art of making the best coffee.

Mac and Me Roasters, Chelmsford, Essex

about us


Once wrestled a Bear and won... Can eat seventeen pickled eggs in one sitting. Ex Nespresso drinker and avid clock collector.

Favourite Coffee: Jose Cuervo


Ex pro skateboarder and butterfly collector. Has a twin brother called Maurice. Motor GP aficionado. Doesn't like hats.

Favourite Coffee: Dr Pepper


Once did a skydive with David Hasselhoff. Has memorised each species of Kangaroo. Can not be persuaded to eat leeks.

Favourite coffee: Chardonnay


Once stared down a Chupa-Cabra in the Brazilian rainforest... and happens to know exactly what Tom Waits is building in there...

Favourite coffee: Gin and Tonic



We always source ethically


We roast in small batches


We train, educate and enthuse our customers


We sell and rent coffee machines


We tailor bespoke blends

values and ethos

Whether you are working with us, for us, or even competing against us, we hope that we are all fulfilled.

We are relaxed but we achieve.

We love to share our inspirations.

Our agents work directly with farmers to guarantee ever increasing quality and fair pricing.

Knowing our customers well is important to us.
Artisan coffee roasters chelmsford