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It's About You...

…Or ‘being a me’.

Working with you is ‘all’ about sharing a common goal. Ultimately our success is measured in every cup of coffee that is prepared served and enjoyed. If you are a business owner or team leader, we aim to instill or harness an expectation and desire in ‘you and your business’, to serve coffee that is second to none. We will facilitate this with training and support that is tailored to your requirements, providing it on an on going basis.

We love talking about our coffee

Mac and Me Coffee Roasters

core blends

Our two most popular blends have us divided. Sales do the talking for one. It is the most popular by far.  But Grant and Chloe prefer the other and will do anything to win new fans. Both 100% speciality grade Arabica blends.
Mac and Me Coffee Roasters

old school

This is where it all started. Our original espresso blends drew heavily Italian influence. Our previous life experience of importing roasted coffee from Italy meant that we had a need to roast in a similar style. Our old school coffees have a medium roast profile. They retain sweetness with lots of fruit and body. They make a wonderful espresso and cut beautifully through milk.
Mac and Me Coffee Roasters

Bespoke blends

Coffee tailored to your taste. We start by blind tasting our core blends. From there we work with you to fine tune a flavour profile that you can call your own.
Mac and Me Coffee Roasters

retail packs

Our core blends or bespoke packed coffees are available to you to retail from your point of sales. A very accessible minimum order that helps you keep the coffee on your shelves fresh.
Mac and Me Coffee Roasters


Our decaffeinated coffee is always free from chemical processing. Be warned we like to throw our decaff into the mix when blind tasting. It is yet to be spotted and always ranks high. Decaf is more popular than ever and rising fast.
Mac and Me Coffee Roasters

single origins

Seasonal single origin coffees are always available. Perfect for filter coffee applications.

say hello!

Give us a call or send us a text to arrange a visit. We would love to share our coffee world with you. Call us on 07775558190